Head of Search

Jocelyn Le Conte is Head of Paid Search at Merkle, based in London. Since joining the company in 2012, she has built up her client portfolio including Tesco & OVO Energy, learned the AdWords, Bing and DoubleClick Search systems inside out and completed the AdWords, Bing, DoubleClick and Google Analytics qualifications. Having been shortlisted for Women in Search 2016, she is a growing influence on the world of digital and is tasked with evolving Merkle’s search offering, developing fully integrated digital media campaigns that deliver personalised experiences, working with major clients including Tesco, B&Q, JP Morgan, Rentokil and Superdrug.


"Having worked in the search industry since 2012, managing accounts, teams and a now a department, I have seen first-hand how quickly the industry is evolving. This year, for example, audiences and automation have been huge and I’m excited to see the ways in which they have been used to increase results across the digital media spectrum."

Judging panel

Edward Ball

Managing Director

Andy Mihalop

Head of Northern Europe
Facebook Atlas

Vincent Coyle

Head of Digital Marketing

Luis Navarrete Gómez

Head of Global Search Marketing
LEGO Group

Kristina Kalpokaite

Head of Paid Media
Summit Media

Jocelyn Le Conte

Head of Search

Lisa Myers

Verve Search